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Operators are available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer your questions and connect you with a health care provider. Call 918-574-0920.

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(March 30 is National Doctors’ Day. Hillcrest Hospital South would like to thank our physicians for the dedication and passion they show for their patients. In honor of National Doctors’ Day, we would like to spotlight critical care specialists, Muhammad Shaukat, M.D., and Brian Worley, M.D.)

Every day, cashier Dulce Torres witnesses the culinary masterpieces concocted inside the Green Leaf Café kitchen at Hillcrest Hospital South. Torres decided she would capture those delicious dishes for others to see.

Shortly after joining the dining staff, she began taking photos from her smartphone of the food prepared and sharing them on social media.

“They work so hard to make the food,” Torres said. “They start really early in the morning. When it comes out and they are so proud of what they did, I like to take pictures of it.”

We’re proud to share the Hillcrest Hospital South 2021 Community Benefit Report. Along with hospital statistics, this report reflects Hillcrest South’s impact on the community through unfunded care, discounts to uninsured patients and support to local vendors. It’s an honor to provide unsurpassed care and support to our community every day. Click here for full report.

Preparing to be a first-time parent, Estephanie Soto was understandably uncertain about what to expect as the due date neared for the arrival of her daughter at Hillcrest Hospital South in December 2021.

Soto’s nerves were calmed and her expectations were exceeded as her perfectly healthy baby girl, Amaya, came into the world at 9 pounds, 2 ounces and 22 inches tall. The mother was elated for the new infant and the care she and baby received.

Brannon Gragg pleaded with Brian Worley, M.D., pulmonary critical care specialist at Hillcrest Hospital South, after he was admitted for COVID-19 last spring.

“He was begging to make sure he would be around in October to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding,” Worley said. “We said, ‘We’ll make sure you’re there.’”

The labor and delivery team at Hillcrest Hospital South helped Callie Jo Morey navigate her way through what could have been an unsettling experience.

Morey and her husband, Scott, added two babies to their family within a 13-month span during the coronavirus pandemic. And the couple did so with surprising ease.

The Hillcrest Hospital South staff comforted Rebbecca Morey during a recent stay and she could not be more appreciative for the care she received.

“Everybody was exceptional,” Morey said. “Even the housekeeper would stop and talk to me. With how overworked everybody has been this past year, you couldn’t tell. They went above and beyond.”

On Aug. 27, Morey, a Type 1 diabetic, came into the emergency room.

“No amount of insulin was working,” said Morey, who had high blood pressure and at times waivered in and out of consciousness.

Bob Silvis had been hit so hard by COVID-19 that just a few months ago he did not know if he would make it through the year.

The Sand Springs resident has a vastly different perspective after recently completing the Hillcrest Hospital South pulmonary rehabilitation program.

“It’s not only worked, but it’s put me ahead,” Silvis said. “It’s given me a different outlook. (COVID-19) was a brush of death.”