Dulce Torres captures colleagues’ culinary concoctions inside Green Leaf Café kitchen

Every day, cashier Dulce Torres witnesses the culinary masterpieces concocted inside the Green Leaf Café kitchen at Hillcrest Hospital South. Torres decided she would capture those delicious dishes for others to see.

Shortly after joining the dining staff, she began taking photos from her smartphone of the food prepared and sharing them on social media.

“They work so hard to make the food,” Torres said. “They start really early in the morning. When it comes out and they are so proud of what they did, I like to take pictures of it.”

Torres posts the photos and some videos to her TikTok and Snapchat pages. She also shares the photos with her colleagues, a gesture they appreciate. Torres first started taking photos of her own meals from the cafeteria. Her first video captured a freshly made pastry during the holiday season.

“I think it looks so beautiful of how they take their time to decorate it,” Torres said. “I think it’s really sweet. So, I take a picture to admire their talent.”

Torres said she enjoys taking food photos and hopes to continue doing so as a fun hobby.

“When they’re the ones who are working hard and they see how their work is being appreciated, I think that’s one of the nice things,” Torres said. “Most people think, ‘Oh, it’s food. Whatever.’ But it’s not. It’s an art because it’s a talent for them. It’s their career.”