Stroke & Neurological

When seconds matter, trust the expert stroke teams at Hillcrest.

Hillcrest South, which is part of Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute (OSNI) at Hillcrest, recently received certification as a primary stroke center and is a premier provider of stroke and neurological services in the south Tulsa area.

This expansion of OSNI allows Hillcrest to be the first health care system in Tulsa to offer expert, certified stroke care at two locations, which includes Hillcrest Medical Center at 11th & Utica in Tulsa. Whether you or your loved ones are in south Tulsa and adjacent suburbs or north Tulsa and Skiatook, OSNI has a specially-trained rapid response team available 24/7 for stroke care.

Services include:

  • Level II Primary Stroke Center certified by DNV and accredited by Oklahoma State Department of Health
  • IV tPA capability with a 4.5 hour treatment window for treatment-eligible patients
  • 24/7 neurology coverage by board-certified neurologists
  • Access to endovascular and neurosurgical care
  • Access to nationally recognized specialists and extensive rehabilitation services


If you experience the following sudden symptoms of stroke, B.E. F.A.S.T.T. and call 911 immediately.

  • Balance - Sudden dizziness, Loss of balance
  • Eyes - Double vision, Blurred vision
  • Face - Uneven smile, Facial droop
  • Arm - Arm weakness, Arm numbness
  • Speech - Slurred speech, Difficulty speaking or understanding
  • Terrible headache - Sudden severe headache
  • Time last seen normal- Call 911 immediately.