First-time parents impressed with their experience at Hillcrest South

Preparing to be a first-time parent, Estephanie Soto was understandably uncertain about what to expect as the due date neared for the arrival of her daughter at Hillcrest Hospital South in December 2021.

Soto’s nerves were calmed and her expectations were exceeded as her perfectly healthy baby girl, Amaya, came into the world at 9 pounds, 2 ounces and 22 inches tall. The mother was elated for the new infant and the care she and baby received.

“The experience was outstanding,” Soto said. “It was more than I anticipated or expected. And I will probably never have children at any other hospital because of how amazing they made this experience. The nurses and staff made me feel so comfortable.”

Soto said the employees answered her questions and took care of any unexpected needs. She noted, on multiple occasions, staff came in and changed Amaya.

“Even the housekeeping lady was so nice and helpful,” Soto said. “They were just very attentive to all of my needs.”

James Williams, Amaya’s father and a retail management professional, was impressed with the experience as well.

“The level of customer service was rather admirable,” Williams said. “It was admirable watching them through the pushing process. I wish I had a team like that. It was incredible watching their interactions. You could genuinely tell they loved their jobs. I appreciated it so much.”

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