Hillcrest South dietitian delivers first child at workplace

As a dietitian at Hillcrest South, it was always in the plan for Mallory Cothern to deliver her baby at her workplace. Cothern had the opportunity to explore other parts of the hospital and meet some of her colleagues who she might not have otherwise encountered during her stay at Hillcrest South. 

The 32 year old has worked at the hospital for almost eight years. She says being familiar with the hospital before her delivery helped put her at ease, and she took advantage of the childbirth education and pre-natal classes it offers.

“Being a first-time mom, I wanted to deliver at South because I work there,” said Cothern. “I’m more comfortable with the hospital since I know it.” 

Just before delivery, Cothern says one of her nurses, Shirley, helped her understand the labor process and answered any questions she had.

“I told her going in that this was my first baby, and I really didn’t know what to expect,” said Cothern. “Shirley explained everything to me, she was very gentle and gave me recommendations that led to a smooth labor process. During labor, she helped me get into different positions to make me more comfortable and help me progress.”

Emery Cothern was born on March 29, 2023, and is a happy and healthy baby. Cothern was able to hold her newborn immediately after delivery, and recovery started quickly.

“My pain was well managed. I did get an epidural, and I felt like that was helpful too,” said Cothern. “In post-partum, any problems I had were quickly addressed. My day shift nurse, Hope, was amazing. She was proactive.”

After birth, Cothern's baby briefly had low blood sugar levels. However, her care team was attentive and closely monitored the baby until the levels evened out.

“Hope was very helpful and encouraging with getting Emery’s sugars up,” said Cothern. “I also was having problems breastfeeding her initially, and the lactation consultant, Cassidy, was super helpful with latching and answering questions specific to me.”

Cothern said her baby is healthy and growing well. She said the resources offered to her, as well as her care staff, made a big difference to her as a new mom.

“Any question I ever had, everyone answered thoroughly. Everything went great,” said Cothern. “I felt like they did a great job. I want to go back to the labor and delivery department and thank them.”

To learn more about labor and delivery, prenatal and other women's services at Hillcrest, visit uticaparkclinic.com/women or call 918-294-4009.

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