Minimally Invasive Surgery Proves to Be Successful for Oklahoma Woman

Janice Hoover and her husband own a flower shop in Stroud, Oklahoma. Because of the high demand in her line of work, Hoover’s health is a priority. Several years ago, Hoover was referred to Oklahoma Heart Institute for cardiac care.

“I have been seeing Dr. Alan Kaneshige, director of Congestive Heart Failure at Oklahoma Heart Institute for about five years,” said Hoover. “Last year he determined that I needed surgery, so he sent me to Dr. Allen Cheng, surgical director of advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support at Oklahoma Heart Institute, who performed a minimally invasive surgery.”

Hoover underwent a minimally invasive procedure in September of 2018 at Hillcrest South. The surgery and post-surgery experiences went very well for Hoover. “I only had pain medication two days while I was in the hospital and I didn’t have any when I was home recuperating, which I thought was remarkable,” said Hoover.

Post-surgery, Hoover is doing great. “I went back to work four weeks after my surgery and I worked 29 days straight,” said Hoover. “I think that’s amazing for someone who just had heart surgery. Recovery time with the minimally invasive procedure is so much faster. Since I am doing so well and everything looked fine the last time I saw him, I am no longer seeing Dr. Cheng. I recently had a checkup with Dr. Kaneshige and will have another appointment with him over the summer, as he is monitoring another small heart issue that I have.”

After her positive experience, Hoover is excited about the future and sharing her experience at Oklahoma Heart Institute with others. “I’ve told several people about my success with the minimally invasive procedure,” said Hoover. “I have nothing negative to say about my entire experience and I would recommend Oklahoma Heart Institute to everyone.”