Patient Experience Week Spotlight: Diane Abbey-Smith

To celebrate #PatientExperienceWeek, we’re spotlighting our front desk concierge, Diane Abbey-Smith! Diane is the first smiling face many of our patients and visitors see when they walk into Hillcrest South. Diane has worked at the front desk for a little over a year.

“This is the first time I’ve had anything to do with the medical field. I used to be terrified of hospitals,” said Abbey-Smith. “My family all laughed when they found out I was going to work at a hospital. But I felt like if I could do this, and ease some people’s angst, then my job is done.”

Before joining Hillcrest, Diane had a variety of retail and sales jobs. She says working at the front desk involves the same sort of customer service that she has years of experience providing.

“It’s all customer service-related, but in different facets,” said Diane. “I love meeting people; I love interacting with people. I love helping them.”

Since many patients and visitors at the hospital visit Diane first, she plays an important role in patient experience. She says her best days happen when she can make them comfortable and find their way around the hospital.

“This job is a constant one-on-one interaction,” said Diane. “My favorite part is helping the people get to where they’re going. Everyone’s different, so every day is different, and that’s what I love most about it.”

Diane said the best part about working at Hillcrest South is the friendly staff and atmosphere.

“It’s nice to get up and know you’re coming to a place where there are so many friendly people,” said Diane. “Our administration is over-the-top nice. I’ve never met a more genuine group of people. Hillcrest breeds this kind of leaders; it makes a big difference.”