Silver Elite Members Share Hospital Experience

Sherry Ervin knows what it takes to be at the bedside of a loved one in the hospital. Her husband, Gary, has heart disease and had his first open heart bypass surgery in 1999 at Hillcrest Medical Center. Now under the care of Oklahoma Heart Institute cardiologist Dr. Robert Smith, 17 years later, it was time for a second bypass surgery. They scheduled the procedure at Hillcrest South. “We’ve had so many experiences with Hillcrest South,” says Sherry. “The care we have received there has been absolutely phenomenal.”

Although Sherry knew her husband was in good hands, being in a hospital day in and day out takes a toll. Senior Care Coordinator, Marilyn Rumley, visits with patients 60 and older, as well as Silver Elite members, to provide extra support to ensure they are well-cared for. She stopped by Gary’s room each day. “When you’re up in the hospital room when someone is so sick, you forget to eat,” Sherry emotionally recalls of the 13-day hospital stay. “Marilyn would bring a food voucher and say, ‘You need to go eat.’”

It was times like those, Sherry felt someone was there just for her. “Marilyn was a delight,” she says. “I don’t know what I would have done without her. She was always so supportive. It was exactly what I needed.”

As Silver Elite members, Gary and Sherry are also familiar with Marilyn outside of the hospital. They attend free community seminars hosted by Silver Elite and Hillcrest hospitals. Marilyn often attends the events to share information about the Silver Elite program with attendees. “After the first seminar we attended, we decided Silver Elite was for us,” Sherry adds.

Each seminar covers a specific health topic led by a health care provider, who not only shares important health information, but is available to answer questions during the seminar. “You put a face to the name, and then you feel it is more personable,” explains Sherry. “They answer your questions. I think it is very helpful. I recommend Silver Elite to everyone.”

Today, Gary is home recovering from his heart procedure. He returns to Hillcrest South three times a week for cardiac rehabilitation where supervised exercise is helping to rebuild his heart muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Gary and Sherry continue to learn the steps it takes to navigate heart disease together. They also know how important Silver Elite resources are – health education and a friendly face when you need one.

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