They Saved My Life - Judy's Story

It happened so quickly. I was with my husband at his doctor’s appointment and stepped outside because I couldn’t catch my breath. My inhaler offered no relief. Suddenly, I felt myself sliding down the wall. Gasping for air, a passerby dialed 911 and I was transported by EMSA to the Hillcrest South Emergency Department. After a quick examination, Dr. Myers, my nurse Melissa, and the medical team ruled out a heart attack and continued to work on opening my airway.

Only later did I learn I was having a severe allergy-induced asthma attack which was constricting my airway. Throughout my treatment the emergency department staff kept me calm and reassured me that I would be OK. I’m so grateful for the compassion I felt from the staff and that I’m alive today to tell my story. They saved my life.

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