Hillcrest South labor and delivery helps family through two new additions during pandemic

The labor and delivery team at Hillcrest Hospital South helped Callie Jo Morey navigate her way through what could have been an unsettling experience.

Morey and her husband, Scott, added two babies to their family within a 13-month span during the coronavirus pandemic. And the couple did so with surprising ease.

“Having two kids during the pandemic, that’s super nerve-racking,” Morey said. “I didn’t know how the hospital setting would be. You hear about so many things on the news. But I was shocked at how well it went. The staff at Hillcrest South went way above what I expected.”

Morey delivered baby Felix on Aug. 9, 2020. Just over a year later, on Sept. 8, baby Asher became the newest addition to the family.

Callie Jo said the labor and delivery area was a very safe, clean environment and their detail-oriented approach gave her piece of mind.

“I felt like every single person I interacted with, they genuinely had a heart for what I needed,” she said. “The staff never pressured me into anything. I felt like I had final say of everything that was done.”

Morey said she would recommend the Hillcrest South birthing unit to anybody around Green Country.

“The staff really supported everything I wanted,” she said. “They were so happy and cheerful. I loved every single one of them.”

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