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Hillcrest South dietitian Nasrin Sinichi, MS, RD/LD, joins us on the blog today to reveal some of the unhealthiest Halloween candy and what you should eat instead.

Candy Corn

This candy is high in sugar, which causes an insulin boost and a sugar spike that makes you want more.

Hillcrest South dietitian Stephanie Harris, MS, RD/LD talks about healthy changes you can make today to help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

Hillcrest South dietitian Jenny Watkins, RD/LD, joins us on the blog today to talk about a healthy way to approach Halloween and all that candy.

For health-conscious parents, Halloween can be tricky. Do you set limits? Do you let kids decide how much to eat?  There isn't just one right answer. Instead, use your best judgment given what you know about your child's personality and eating habits.

We may never meet them, but we encounter their work everyday. Whether it is catching a whiff of the daily feature hot off the grill as we walk by the café or hearing the nurse knock and announce, “the fruit plate you ordered is here,” the dietary staff at Hillcrest South are proud of the reputation that precedes their food. They begin the day early preparing up to 1400 meals a day for patients, visitors and staff.


Hillcrest South dietitian Stephanie Harris, MS, RD/LD, joins us on the blog today, sharing insights on a word we may hear a lot, but not fully understand how it can impact our health - superfoods.

When there is an emergency, you want to know where to turn. At Hillcrest South, our team of physicians, nurses and staff, specifically trained in emergency medicine, are there for your family day and night. “Hillcrest South offers very convenient access to quality medical care,” explains Hillcrest South Emergency Department Medical Director Dr. Gavin Gardner.  “It is also important to note that our hospital offers most of the same services that many of the larger hospitals do, but without the Emergency Department wait times that you may experience at those facilities.”

As we age, we know we need to pay special attention to our health. We try to eat right, exercise and schedule regular physical exams. We make sure our blood pressure and cholesterol are properly managed. We understand the importance of breast cancer screenings, with one in eight women diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. However, one area women may not be paying enough attention to, however, is their bone health.