August 2013

Preserving our Bones – Women and Bone Health

As we age, we know we need to pay special attention to our health. We try to eat right, exercise and schedule regular physical exams. We make sure our blood pressure and cholesterol are properly managed. We understand the importance of breast cancer screenings, with one in eight women diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. However, one area women may not be paying enough attention to, however, is their bone health.

"Let me take you where you need to go" - Hillcrest Leadership Welcomes Guests

When you walk through the doors of a hospital, there’s a lot on your mind. Whether you are coming here as a patient, family member or visitor, your first thought as the doors slide open is likely “where do I need to go?” Hillcrest South leadership is making sure before you have a chance to ask, they are there introducing themselves and welcoming you to the hospital.

Pulmonary Rehab at Hillcrest South Turns Back the Clock for Patients

Nearing his 94th birthday, John Schwabauer thumbs through a record book of his daily workouts. He tracks every time he walks on his treadmill, noting the various speeds and time intervals it takes to complete one mile, something he was not able to do at 91. “I would get tired real easy before getting out of a chair sometimes,” he says of noticing his energy quickly diminishing. “I was overweight, short of breath. I just needed some energy.”

Are decongestants safe during pregnancy?

Allergies plague many of us every year. In fact, one in five adults suffers from allergies. Allergens are often called hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, and the most common symptoms are sneezing, stuffiness, a runny nose and itchiness in the mouth, throat, eyes or ears. Allergies often do not stop when women become pregnant; the question of whether the use of decongestants are safe during pregnancy is often an unclear answer to many women suffering from allergies.