September 2021

Hillcrest South labor and delivery helps family through two new additions during pandemic

The labor and delivery team at Hillcrest Hospital South helped Callie Jo Morey navigate her way through what could have been an unsettling experience.

Morey and her husband, Scott, added two babies to their family within a 13-month span during the coronavirus pandemic. And the couple did so with surprising ease.

Hillcrest South team comforts patient with sepsis diagnosis

The Hillcrest Hospital South staff comforted Rebbecca Morey during a recent stay and she could not be more appreciative for the care she received.

“Everybody was exceptional,” Morey said. “Even the housekeeper would stop and talk to me. With how overworked everybody has been this past year, you couldn’t tell. They went above and beyond.”

On Aug. 27, Morey, a Type 1 diabetic, came into the emergency room.

“No amount of insulin was working,” said Morey, who had high blood pressure and at times waivered in and out of consciousness.