January 2016

From Multiple Pills a Day to Heartburn Relief

Teddy Hansen took her medication like clockwork. If she didn’t, she suffered. “There would be burning all the way up my throat,” she says of the recourse from skipping either her morning or evening heartburn medication. “Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to eat or get out of bed. I had been to a lot of doctors and was on the best prescription medications. All the tests I took showed that I was still having reflux. I lost weight, but that didn’t help. I was still on multiple pills a day.”

Fitness Apps for the New Year

Did you know that getting in shape can be as easy as downloading an app?

This time of year is a great time to focus on your health and wellness. Running, hiking, or taking a group class at the gym are great ways to get started. And, today’s technology provides plenty of apps to track your activity and diet to help guide you on your journey to better health. Here are a few popular (and free) fitness apps to try this year:

Nike + Training Club