December 2016

Hillcrest South Health Care Hero of the Year

Even without his tall stature, endoscopy technician Clay Gay would still stand out. “I like to laugh, make fun of myself – anything to make you feel comfortable,” he admits of his outgoing personality which he says is a perfect fit at Hillcrest South. “When patients come to the hospital, they’re nervous. I like to make them laugh. It calms them down and makes them feel at home.”

Patient Finds Healing and A New Family During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

On the morning Gary Nickel noticed a small blister on the bottom of his left foot, he did not know that in weeks he would be facing a serious infection and an amputation.

“I noticed my foot was getting a little red and puffy, but it wasn’t too alarming, so I really thought nothing about it,” says Gary. “Three weeks later, I woke up and the inside of my foot exploded basically overnight. It was just raw skin and my big toe was black.”