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November 2014

Introducing a New Dining Experience at Hillcrest South – The Green Leaf

“Food is our common ground,” once famously said James Beard, founder and president of The James Beard Foundation and The James Beard Award – one of the highest honors for culinary professionals in the U.S. His comment was simple, but true and one the professionally trained, talented and experienced chefs and dietary staff of Hillcrest South believe is just as true in a hospital environment as it is in the home or at a restaurant.

Take the Heartburn Quiz

I get a burning feeling in the middle of my chest.

Yes ___  No ___

I often have this burning feeling after a meal or at night.
Yes ___  No ___

This burning feeling gets worse when I lay down or bend over.
Yes ___  No ___

Over-the-counter medicines such as acid reducers or antacids help the burning go away.
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I frequently regurgitate (burp up) my food. Yes ___  No ___

There is a bitter or sour taste in the back of my throat.
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